Inflation in Switzerland remains at 3 percent

After months of highs, inflation rates are slowly falling again. In Switzerland, inflation remained stable in November and remained at 3.0 percent.

Inflation rates are falling again just in time for Black Friday.

Cecilia Fabiano/AP

For the first time in months, inflation rates are weakening again internationally: In the euro zone, inflation fell to 10 percent in November compared to the same month last year, in the USA inflation is 7.7 percent (in October, the November figures will not be published until next week published).

In Switzerland, on the other hand, nothing has changed in the past month: As the Federal Statistical Office (BfS) announced on Thursday, the national consumer price index (LIK) remained unchanged in November at 104.6 points compared to the previous month. Compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, inflation was also unchanged at 3 percent. In August, inflation in Switzerland reached a peak of 3.5 percent, at least for the time being – and was thus at its highest level for almost thirty years.

Inflation in Switzerland is far lower than in the euro zone and in the USA

Change in consumer prices compared to the same month last year, in percent

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the price stability compared to the previous month is the result of opposing developments that have balanced each other out. Prices for gas (+2.1 percent compared to the previous month), petrol (+1.3 percent) and diesel (+2.5 percent) and rents (+0.4 percent) have risen. In contrast, the prices for heating oil (–7.8 percent), for fruit vegetables (–17.7 percent) and for hotel accommodation (–4.4 percent) have fallen.

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