Jannis Niewöhner: No shame in revealing scenes

Jannis Niewöhner (27) would have liked to continue the Amazon series "Beat", as he says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. After only one season it was over. "On the other hand, nothing better could have happened to us," says the actor. "It went so well and there was so much great feedback that the second season should actually be even better. We are fine now and we continue with new things." From March 12th, Niewöhner can be seen alongside Sabin Tambrea (35, "Babylon Berlin") in "Narziss und Goldmund" in German cinemas.

Hermann Hesse's (1877-1962) work and the film adaptation of director Stefan Ruzowitzky (58) are about the friendship of two opposing men. "Goldmund lives fully in the moment, absorbs everything and faces every new encounter with the strongest emotion. I find that admirable and worth striving for," says Niewöhner about his figure. In the film, Goldmund shows a lot of bare skin – why it wasn't a problem for Niewöhner, what role his mother played in his life and why he was in the monastery for a week, he tells in an interview.

There has been criticism that director Stefan Ruzowitzky has deviated significantly from the book. How do you feel about it?

Jannis Niewöhner: I think it's important that a film adaptation of a novel is accepted as something else. It cannot be what everyone has in their heads. I also had to refrain from my own vision. The images that I have in mind when I read a book belong to me alone. How someone illustrates it is one of thousands of different possibilities. In this case, Stefan Ruzowitzky's vision, which he mastered with great dedication.

Are you open to everything and without fear of change?

Niewöhner: I am very open, but I have fears and respect for new things. However, it doesn't stop me, I do it anyway. I think it is important to tell stories that can give someone new food for thought and motivate them for life.

Did you prepare for the role in a special way?

Niewöhner: I was in the monastery for a week before filming to soak up the atmosphere. That was strong and helped me a lot. Even though I cannot incorporate this into the text, I have taken some energy with me. I found that very special.

In the monastery, waiver is very important. Is that easy for you or are you materialistic?

Niewöhner: I'm already materialistic, in a way. I'm not a junkie in this respect, but I have a car, a cell phone and buy things that seem to make my life easier. Like all people. But I really appreciate the value of non-material things.

How do you handle cell phones and social media?

Niewöhner: When you switch on the screen time, it is amazing how much time you spend on your cell phone. I started deleting the Instagram app from my phone every now and then for a while. At intervals that it feels healthy. I can't completely do without the cell phone. It makes keeping in touch with family and friends so easy in my job.

What role does belief play in your life?

Niewöhner: Faith is very, very close to me through my maternal family, which is very Protestant. For example, my grandma just decided to believe in God at some point because she used it in her life. I think that's really strong. It was never the same with me, which could also be because I was always well. My grandma grew up in the war and the belief in God obviously made her endure that better. Whenever something has a positive effect, I think that's totally right. But basically I'm not religious at all.

Her character Goldmund is desperately looking for his mother. How important is your mother to you?

Niewöhner: My mother is incredibly important to me. If I didn't know where she was, I would look for her too. I am an absolute lucky person because I grew up in such a good environment and with such a great mother.

Do you have siblings?

Niewöhner: I am an only child, but I grew up in a flat share with other children. We were brought up like siblings. That was really great.

What are the most important values ​​that you were taught as a child?

Niewöhner: Actually my mother's Protestant. To appreciate the normal and the down-to-earth. To be calm. And home.

Does that mean that home is where your family is?

Niewöhner: Home is where a large part of the heart is. This can be in several places, but that you don't forget them.

What does happiness mean to you?

Niewöhner: Happiness means everything to me because it is not always there and is an ideal or something that you can strive for. Happiness is important to me.

And what makes you happy?

Niewöhner: friendship and children Bueno.

Female fans should be happy that you show a lot of bare skin in the film. Isn't that a problem for you?

Niewöhner: I don't think it's bad. It’s nothing more than being naked. I have a very relaxed attitude towards it. The worst thing is the fear of it or the shame, I find that the most unpleasant, and so you can counter it. But that doesn't mean that you should strip naked everywhere.

Are you often flirted with?

Niewöhner: No, not really. To be honest, hardly any women come to men and ask if they can give them a drink. But I get to know people easily. So far I have not needed an app.