Jean-Jacques Goldman’s specific request to the troupe

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Withdrawn from the Enfoirés, Jean-Jacques Goldman left a clear instruction on the identity that the show must keep.

He left Les Enfoirés but he still keeps an eye on their show. Jean-Jacques Goldman remains the favorite personality of the French and his contribution to the Enfoirés is undeniable. The singing star, who now lives in London, continues to follow the life of the troupe mobilized for the Restos du Coeur. This year, for the show which will be broadcast on TF1, the stars will be 48 to be present on stage or backstage. And new recruits are taking their first steps in the Enfoirés troupe. A long-absent star is also making a comeback. Just like Jane Birkin. But Jean-Jacques Goldman remains in the background. The artist still follows the evolution of the Enfoirés. The artistic producer of the show, Anne Marcassus, explains to us: “I call him and tell him. He is happy with what is happening. He’s waiting to see the show on TV.”

Now set back from the Enfoirés, Jean-Jacques Goldman still left a clear instruction on the line to follow for the identity of the show. And especially in relation to the sketches that punctuate the show. The producer explains that for the humor of these sketches, “They don’t have carte blanche.She details:Today there are some pretty crude things. We we can’t afford that. It must remain a spectacle heard by all.” A specification in the vein of what Jean-Jacques Goldman wanted, which continues to inspire them. “These are the bases that we left Jean-Jacques. He told us “it has to be a family show” she reveals.

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Les Enfoirés 2023: what Jean-Jacques Goldman asked

Even if he left a rather clear specification on what Les Enfoirés should be, Jean-Jacques Goldman “has no say” on new shows, explains the producer. Withdrawn from the show, he leaves the new team free to move, trusts them completely, to offer a show that pleases the public. Each year, the stars mobilize for Les Enfoirés and call on the public for donations. Last year, 142 million meals were distributed by the Restos. In the first weeks of 2023, they were 18% more to be welcomed by the association.

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