Joie de vivre: 35 underestimated things we should definitely do

We are annoyed, bored, uninspired, too grown up, don’t do something because we just don’t do it? Such nonsense, because exactly those things that we don’t otherwise do because we don’t have time or they seem too silly contain what we’re looking for: joie de vivre. And for that we don’t have to quit our job, emigrate or end our relationship, but just do a few things differently. Namely those that we associate with the good, carefree times, such as from childhood or simply something that we always wanted to do.

Don’t hesitate any longer, get on there! Happiness doesn’t suddenly sit on our doormat, you have to invite that to you a little bit. Breaking out of routine every once in a while can be very liberating, as can doing things that just make you feel really good. We have a few ideas on how this can work.


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