Kerstin Ott: Appeal! It is aimed at its fans

More and more stars are leading the way: they stay at home and are a good role model for their fans and followers. Because if you have a long range, you have to take responsibility – especially in times like these. So does Kerstin Ott, who stays in her own four walls and hopes from there that her fans will do the same.

This is how Kerstin deals with the corona crisis

Very important: stay positive. And at least as important: Avoid unnecessary contact. How does Kerstin do it? The pop singer stays at home with her family, plays, cleans up and cooks with her loved ones, as she reveals in an interview with "". Of course she doesn't forget one thing:

I wash myself hands thoroughly, but I've always done that. Of course we avoid all contact and stay at home. And I want to ask everyone to do it too!

"Think about others"

Of course, Kerstin has already taken the right precautions for the near future and provided enough food – without hamstering! The way everyone hopefully does it, Kerstin advises.

Think of others. It is bad when young people drive their car in front of the supermarket and pack it up – and the old granny, who only manages to go shopping once a week for health reasons, comes with the rollator and everything is bought away. Take care and stay healthy. And: stay at home!

In addition to the important appeal to your fellow human beings and fans, your most important advice is: Always stay positive and make the best of it!

Kerstin Ott: Facts and Figures

  • Kerstin Ott is a German pop singer and DJane

  • She was born on January 17, 1982 in West Berlin

  • Kerstin Ott has been married to Karolina Köppen since 2017

  • The singer was best known for her hit "The Always Laughs"

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