Kiev welcomes the “concrete support” of its partners

“Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. “ The expression has become particularly popular in recent months in the former Soviet republic. A way of asserting that her future will not be decided without her. President Volodymyr Zelensky took it over on Monday, December 6, on the eve of the summit between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, to insist on the fact that he had agreed beforehand with the secretary of American State, Antony Blinken, on the position to adopt vis-à-vis Russia, of which 100,000 soldiers are deployed at the borders, raising fears of a military invasion.

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“I am grateful to our strategic partner and US ally for their continued support of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have agreed to pursue our joint and concerted actions ”, he assured on Twitter, as he went to trenches on the front line in Donbass, where Ukrainian forces have been fighting pro-Russian separatists supported by Moscow since 2014.

At the end of the summit, the Ukrainian authorities did not react publicly immediately. Solicited by The world, a member of Mr. Zelensky’s entourage however welcomed the “Concrete support from Europeans, NATO and partner countries”. “They agree to put in place new sanctions against Russia, but also to provide political, economic and military support to Ukraine, he specifies. Despite the warnings, Putin could attack. Either way, we’ll fight. “

“The subject will come out of the radars”

For his part, Mykhailo Samus, deputy director at the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, in Kiev, believes that “Putin has achieved his goal. He wanted a date with Biden to show he’s one of the greatest leaders in the world. Ukraine is a pressure tool for him, he adds. He has already succeeded in the spring, so he continues ». In April, an escalation at the borders had already raised fears of a Russian invasion. The tension eased after Mr. Putin secured a summit with the White House chief. “Now the subject will come out of the media radars, but the Russian troops will not leave for all that, it is the paradox”, assures the military expert.

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However, a military invasion seems unlikely at the present time. “I see no point in Putin doing it now. It would be a disaster. Russia needs 300,000 troops to carry out a large-scale operation, unless it carries out operations to destabilize the country beforehand ”, he adds. For its part, Ukraine has 250,000 active soldiers, to which are added 300,000 reservists from ” First line “, can be mobilized in twenty-four hours.

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