“Law & Order: Organized Crime”: Detective Elliot Stabler ensures law and order again

“Law & Order: Organized Crime”
Detective Elliot Stabler has restored law and order

Danielle Moné Truitt as Ayanna Bell alongside Christopher Meloni aka Detective Elliot Stabler.

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Detective Elliot Stabler is back. Thanks to “Law & Order: Organized Crime”, Christopher Meloni will celebrate his series comeback from September.

Fans of the “Law & Order” universe had to look forward to this moment for ten years. Now the time has come and Christopher “Chris” Meloni (60) aka Detective Elliot Stabler is back with a bang, in the truest sense of the word. In the brand new “Law & Order” offshoot with the nickname “Organized Crime”, Meloni takes on the most influential gang bosses of the underworld for personal and tragic reasons.

Much may have been taken from Meloni, but his irrepressible sense of justice is as present as ever. And so he gets to work alongside old “Special Victims Unit” companions and new colleagues in order to give others theirs.

The first German broadcast of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” will be shown on September 8th (9:00 pm) on 13th Street, the other episodes are always available as double episodes on Wednesdays from 8:13 pm. To get the new series off the ground, a crossover episode from the 22nd season of “Special Victims Unit” will be featured on September 8th at 8:13 pm. The episode with the telling title “Return of the Prodigal Son” shows the shocking events that push Stabler to make a comeback.

An open calculation: that’s what it’s all about

Elliot Stabler loses an important person in a car bomb that was supposedly supposed to tear him out of his life. Driven by the will to arrest the masterminds behind the attack, he joins a special unit of the NYPD. It has made it its business to declare war on organized crime. The powerful businessman and gang boss Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott, 59) quickly becomes the focus of the investigation.

News from the crossover king

What Kevin Feige (48) is for the “Avengers” listens to the name Dick Wolf (74) in the series subject. Both men are masters at bringing individual works together and using them to shape a steadily growing universe. Wolf already proved this with his “Chicago” series and “Organized Crime” now fits seamlessly into the “Law & Order” cosmos.

For example, Stabler also receives visits from former colleagues, such as Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay, 57), who is increasingly concerned about his psychological well-being. Fortunately, such cameos do not feel like narrative training wheels, “Organized Crime” stands on its own two feet early on, not least thanks to Meloni. Despite ten years of abstinence, he has lost nothing of his TV presence and will now bring a lot of joy again to the fans who once had to digest his farewell.

Some “Law & Order” newbies also provide a breath of fresh air. Among them, for example, Golden Globe winner Dylan McDermott, who has already proven his versatility in series such as “American Horror Story” or Hollywood films of the brand “In the Line of Fire”. In contrast to the old hand McDermott, up-and-coming star Ainsley Seiger is making her debut in a TV series as hacker Jet Slootmaekers. Also there: “Rebel” star Danielle Moné Truitt (40) as Sgt. Ayanna Bell and “Bones” great Tamara Taylor (50) as Angela Wheatley.

A look behind the police badge

In view of the events leading up to Stabler’s return, the series will deal more than ever with his personal and emotional life. “We will get to know Stabler in a way that has never been the case before,” promises producer and screenwriter Ilene Chaiken (64). Leading actor Meloni adds to the existential questions his character has to grapple with: “How do you deal with your own wounds? How do you deal with the injustice that happened to you? How do you continue with so much grief in you?”

The excitement of how the returned fan favorite will answer all these questions for himself has gathered an audience of millions in front of the screens in the USA. And so it was a matter of form that “Law & Order: Organized Crime” already received the green light for a second season. So it is also clear: Detective Elliot Stabler has come (back) to stay.