Macs and Lightsabers: Go Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Sound Creation

Mathieu Grumiaux

May 05, 2022 at 09:18


On the occasion of star wars dayApple offers us a tour of the famous studio founded by George Lucas and takes us behind the scenes of the creation of the sounds of a whole galaxy far, far away…

The Skywalker Ranch, located in the suburbs of San Francisco, does not often open its doors, but this Star Wars Day was an opportunity to reveal some manufacturing secrets of the sound identity of the saga.

A library of a million sounds that make up the Star Wars galaxy

We discover, for example, through meetings with the artists and sound engineers interviewed, the database which includes no less than a million distinct sounds used in the nine films of the saga and all their derivatives, as well as in many blockbusters such as Marvel Studios, Pixar and Disney films. A jealously guarded gold mine in the heart of the ranch.

The documentary also looks back at the origins of Star Wars and on the work of Ben Burtt, the historic sound designer of the saga who created sounds as iconic as that of the lightsaber or the little beeps of R2-D2.

Obviously, the video also highlights the machines and Apple software, massively used within Skywalker Sound, in particular the 130 Mac Pro in rack format to run ProTools software quickly and allow creative people to work as comfortably as possible.

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Source : Apple

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