“Manta: Cult film is set to get a sequel

Cult film to be continued

Tina Ruland and Til Schweiger: Will you shoot a “Manta, Manta” sequel?

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Since Tina Ruland’s participation in the jungle camp, “Manta, Manta” has been on everyone’s lips again. Now there is speculation about a sequel.

Will Tina Ruland (55) as Uschi and Til Schweiger (58) as Bertie soon be back together in front of the camera? As the “Bild” newspaper claims to have learned, the long-awaited sequel to “Manta, Manta” is to be shot. Comedian and actor Michael Kessler (54), who embodied Klausi in the first part of the action comedy, should also be part of the party again. “Manta, Manta 2” is supposed to be about Uschi and Bertie’s son, who wants to be a racing driver. A theatrical release could be planned for 2023. Constantin Film and Til Schweiger have not yet commented on the possible project.

Tina Ruland: “Til is a really great person”

The still close friendship between Til Schweiger and Tina Ruland would speak for a sequel. For Ruland, who recently had to leave the RTL jungle camp, Til Schweiger launched an appeal on Instagram and found many positive words for her, such as that she deserved the win like no other. “I really like that, that’s sweet of him,” Ruland explained after moving out in an interview with spot on news. “We have been in contact and haven’t lost sight of each other for the whole 30 years. I appreciate and like him very much. He’s a really great person and I’m really happy that he did it.”

On the occasion of Ruland’s participation in the jungle camp, RTL included the film “Manta – Der Film” and the comedy “Manta, Manta” in its programme. In the latter, Tina Ruland played Uschi, girlfriend of Til Schweiger’s Bertie, and thus celebrated her breakthrough as an actress in the early 1990s.


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