Meghan and Harry: social media abstinence is a mistake

Meghan and Harry
Expert: Social media abstinence is a mistake

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are currently not fans of Instagram, Twitter and Co. Why that harms their restart as successful entrepreneurs.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not been active on social media since April 2020. Why, explained Prince Harry, 36, a few days ago: "We will use social media again if it feels right!" Harry and Meghan have repeatedly expressed concern about the behavior of social media users in the past and called for each other to be treated with respect and friendliness instead of hate and intolerance. Brand expert Eric Schiffer now warns: It is a mistake by Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry to avoid social media.

"If you believe in your choices, why do you feel uncomfortable about presenting yourself (on social media)? Are you saying that you can't stand what we (the public) have to say about you?" Schiffer was critical in an interview with "The Express". Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's abstinence from social networks is "a death trap for a brand trying to be an entertainment brand because entertainment today essentially requires interactivity." In order to reach people and to communicate with them, Instagram, Twitter and Co. are a must, says Schiffer.

Under the umbrella brand "Archewell", Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have so far set up a foundation, a production company for audio content and a company for moving images. The content is to be distributed on Spotify and Netflix, among others.

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