More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Tuesday January 25, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Bastien is in shock. While Bilal falls under the spell of his driving instructor, the closeness between Mouss and the high school students poses a problem.


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Bastien goes in search of Elodie

Elodie confirms to Bastien that she worked for Ruben Herrera and that she bought the Celeste with money from their trafficking. She tells him that he kidnapped him when they were on their boat and Bastien was sleeping. Elodie is however forced to return to her kidnappers to protect her children. Bastien lets her go. He retrieves a flower, fallen from his coat, in his wake.

The next day, Bastien reveals to Luna that he saw Elodie alive right after the farewell ceremony. He wants to find her and bring her to safety before contacting the police. His only lead is the bouquet of flowers he found after his visit.

Meanwhile, the police discover that Ruben Herrera is working for Juan Carillo, a Colombian drug trafficker. Revel classifies this case as a priority.

For their part, Luna and Bastien do research to find the nature of the flower that Elodie wore. It is Akira who gives them the answer: it is a species that only grows in Latin America, at 2,000 meters above sea level. She suggests that someone managed to acclimate her to Marseille. Thanks to this information, Bastien noticed that a landscaper had used this flower to decorate an apartment located near the port.

Luna and Bastien decide to drive there. They hide when a vehicle passes by them and then passes them. Bastien then recognizes the vehicle that had tried to overturn Luna…

Bilal is under the spell of Ophelia

Nostalgic for their past relationship, Abdel and Bilal get late. Bilal goes to the driving school by bicycle. Ophelia comes to her defense when a biker attacks her to take her place. During his assessment, Bilal talks with his instructor. He learns that she is 35 years old, that she is single and that they have musical tastes in common.

For his part, Karim ignores Elsa’s calls and asks his son to do the same. When Nisma picks up the phone and passes it to Karim, he tells his ex to fuck off.

The Fedala meet at the Marci. Bilal and Karim decide to help each other revise the highway code. They both praise Ophelia’s pedagogy to Abdel.

Rochat tries to reframe Mouss

Kilian and Noé convince Mouss to do a wheelchair race in the halls of the school. They are caught in the act by Nathan. The latter warns the young CPE about his closeness to the students.

Later, Betty makes a video call with her girlfriend to show her her high school. She introduces Mouss as a super nice CPE. Witness of the scene, Rochat summons him to his office. He advises him to learn to make himself respected by the students, rather than seek to be friends with them. But Mouss is confident about his way of doing things.

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