Mother’s Day 2021: These stars already thanked their mothers

Mother’s Day 2021
These stars already thanked their mothers

Jennifer Lopez (left) and Chris Hemsworth made social media posts on Mother’s Day.

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On this year’s Mother’s Day, numerous celebrities paid homage to their mothers on social networks. Among them: J.Lo and “Thor”.

On this year’s Mother’s Day (May 9th) numerous people will again send loving messages to their mothers and give them small gifts as thanks. And the first celebrities have already paid homage to them on social networks. Above all: singer Jennifer Lopez (51, “Ain’t Your Mama”) and actor Chris Hemsworth (37, “Thor”).

J.Lo loves her “mommy”, Chris Hemsworth pays homage to mothers who hang out with their husbands

The 51-year-old J.Lo was only on stage yesterday (8 May) with her mom Guadalupe Rodriguez (75) at the “Vax Live” concert of the NGO Global Citizen. On Instagram she shared a video of the moving mother-daughter performance on the same day and wrote: “What an incredible and sweet moment it was when I sang live with my mother on stage in front of an audience at #VaxLive … Happy Mother’s Day !! ! ” After several hashtags, Lopez added the phrase “I love my mommy” to her words.

Chris Hemsworth (37, “Avengers: Endgame”) was also one of the first celebrities to celebrate Mother’s Day online after his US showbiz colleague as an Australian. On Instagram he uploaded a photo of his wife Elsa Pataky (44, “Fast & Furious Five”) with their three children as well as a snapshot of himself with his mother Leonie. He wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the brilliant, hard-working, child-carrying, high-setting women out there with their husbands! We salute you.”

Hugh Jackman presents a special gift from his mother, Kate Hudson shares mother-daughter pictures with Goldie Hawn

Hemsworth’s compatriot and Hollywood colleague Hugh Jackman (52, “Logan – The Wolverine”) lives in New York City, but was up early enough to have his social media profile pay homage to the mothers in his life to add. In an Instagram video he presents his followers with a recipe book that his mother Grace McNeil gave him for his birthday in 2016.

In a whisper he then explains that she always cooks from memory, but that she has carefully written down all of his favorite recipes for him. Why in a whisper? It’s only 6:30 am and “I’m trying to be my children’s mother or Dali [Jackmans Hund, Anm. d. Red.] Don’t wake up! “is the explanation of the” Greatest Showman “.

A world famous mom has actress Kate Hudson (42, “How do I get rid of him – in 10 days”). No less a person than Hollywood star Goldie Hawn (75, “The Devil’s Club”) gave birth to the American, who meanwhile has three children of her own. One day before Mother’s Day she shared two mother-daughter shots on Instagram with her famous mom, who show Hawn in a white dress and Hudson in a white blouse. “One more day until we celebrate a happy Mother’s Day,” commented the 42-year-old.

Justin Trudeau dedicates touching words to mother and wife, Kimi Räikkönen calls his sweetheart “the most delicious mommy”

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (49) is not a big screen celebrity, but a real political star. He invited on social networks – including on Twitter – also two photos high. “I’m thinking of two special mothers today,” wrote the statesman next to the snapshots showing him with his mother Margaret Trudeau (72) and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (46) and their children. “My own, who taught me so much and showed me what it means to be strong. And Sophie, who inspires me every day and fills our family with unconditional love.”

And also the 2007 Formula 1 world champion, Kimi Räikkönen (41), sent a special Mother’s Day greeting out into the wide world of social media. “Happy Mother’s Day to our most delicious mummy in the world,” wrote the Finnish racing driver on Instagram next to two photos of his wife Minttu Virtanen (34), whom he married in 2016. The couple have a son and a daughter who huddle up against their mom in one of the pictures.

Further tributes from Ryan Reynolds and Kaley Cuoco

More virtual Mother’s Day greetings posted, among others, actor Ryan Reynolds (44, “Deadpool”), who describes his wife Blake Lively (33) as the “heart and soul of every moment” that his “family shares”. In addition, “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco (35) several snapshots of herself and her mother and called them unique among “a million”.