Nagui shocked by Arsene, the maestro of "Don't forget the words": "You don't really respect anything!" : Current Woman Le MAG

Nagui loves anecdotes from his candidates. After more than 10 years at the helm of the show Do not forget the lyrics, the host has heard hundreds and still can't get enough of it. Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Nagui was delighted to listen to the story of Arsene, his new maestro, but the latter turned out to be quite shocking. The young Rouennais embarked on his anecdote which happened to him in a forest some time ago: "I was walking my dog. Bignou", he remembered before describing a bloody scene:"I hear him rummaging through the groves and there, he flushes out a baby deer that he runs for ten meters and kills ", then dropped the History student. "But what horror is it true? But it is horrible"then cried Nagui.

Nagui shocked by Arsene

The host who is vegetarian and supports the animal cause was shocked by the "joke" of his candidate: "You don't have a leash? The poor baby deer …" Far from being moved by the reaction of the star presenter of France 2, Arsène took pleasure in adding more: "He must have been a little sick, because he was not running fast enough …", he explained to annoy Nagui. "You respect nothing", then launched the host without succeeding in stopping his maestro who continued his streak with a lot of black humor: "I no longer see my dog ​​as before … when I see him playing with young children …" What to complete Nagui: "Stop! But it's horrible!"

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