News in video: Donald Trump – verbal warning shot against Harry and Meghan

According to media reports, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have decided to spend some time in the United States. According to the reports, the two are said to have moved to Los Angeles. With her is her ten-month-old son Archie. US President Donald Trump, who apparently heard about it, wasn't exactly rolling out the red carpet for the two of them now. On Twitter, he wrote that he was a great friend and admirer of Queen Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom. However, Harry and Meghan would have to pay for their personal protection in the US, the US President made clear.

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The Royals replied to the US President's tweet that they had no intention of asking the US government for support. "Privately funded security measures were taken," said a spokesman for the two. The couple had decided to give up their royal duties and become financially independent. From April onwards, the two waived the title "Royal Highness" and no longer performed official duties for the royal family. At first, the couple had announced that they wanted to live in both the UK and Canada