Nutella: why does the foil come off so hard?

Like butter, Nutella belongs on many people's breakfast tables every day. If it weren't for the annoying opening of the glass …

Many sweet breakfast fans have probably struggled with this problem: When opening a Nutella jar, you either end up with your finger in the sticky nut-nougat cream or you have to struggle for ages with the tiny bits of golden aluminum foil on the edge of the glass. Why is that?

Extra protection for Nutella

Ferrero marketing director Dirk Voss brings light into the dark for "ntv". "No other material or closure method protects the contents as well and ensures the long shelf life of the Nutella," explains Voss. The golden aluminum foil adheres much more strongly than, for example, the seal on a yogurt tub.

And is there a solution to avoid getting your fingers dirty with every new glass? Maybe a tab on the edge of the film? "Unfortunately not," says Voss. "A tab would make little sense with the aluminum foil that is extremely firmly attached to the glass, as it either tears off too early or only takes a small piece of the foil with it, so that you would still have to remove the rest in another way."

Nutella: The aluminum foil is part of the success story

The head of marketing is also not sure whether Ferrero would actually use it even if there were suddenly a different closure method. "The film has been used in its current form since the introduction of Nutella in 1965. It is part of the success story. And you really don't want to do without the sound of opening," says Voss.

This is how the "Nutella cracking" is made

The aluminum foil is only attached when the Nutella jar is closed and is only attached to the lid at a few points on the cardboard insert; when it is screwed on, it is pressed onto the glue applied to the edge of the jar. If the lid is then screwed back on for the first time, the film does not detach from the edge of the glass, but from the fixing points on the cardboard lid. This is how the typical cracking occurs.

Tips for opening Nutella jars

Ferrero Marketing Director Dirk Voss still does not have any reliable tips on how we can best open Nutella jars. "Classic with the finger in the middle, with the thumbnail around it or with a knife," says Voss. He is sure that everyone can develop their own optimal process.