Only 500 pieces! – Toyota makes hardcore Mini GR Yaris even more hardcore

Woe if he lets go – the Toyota GR Yaris is probably the most fun mini athlete that is currently available for manageable money. Rally feeling for everyone, almost without compromise. The Japanese have now tightened this riot gun again. But this time there can be no question of “for everyone”, the hardcore hardcore mini will only be sold in Japan, only 500 will be built and will be raffled off among all interested parties. In the video you can see the driving report for the Toyota GR Yaris.

Of course, anyone who wins the GRMN Yaris must shell out the purchase price. Depending on the additional equipment, this amounts to the equivalent of almost 65,000 euros, which is 40,000 euros more than the basic model of the GR Yaris. If you do without the “Circuit Package” and “Rally Package”, you still have 56,000 euros. The body has been further reinforced with 545 additional spot welds and twelve meters more adhesive, and the aerodynamics have been refined. The chassis lowers the car by another centimetre, while the width of the sports car has increased by the same amount. He lost 20 kilograms on the scales, which is partly due to the removed rear seat and partly to the bonnet and rear wing, which are made of carbon. The roof is already made of carbon fiber on the GR Yaris. A mechanical limited-slip differential comes as standard, and the transmission is more closely spaced and has shorter gear ratios than on the production vehicle. All in all, the GRMN Yaris should be more relaxed and faster to drive, with more grip it should be easier to throw around corners and also have better brakes You can order one of two packages. The Circuit package, limited to 50 pieces, includes an improved suspension with adjustable Bilstein dampers, more powerful brakes, special 18-inch wheels and an upgraded look with side skirts and a spoiler lip. The Rallye includes a set of GR shock absorbers and short anti-roll bars, a GR -Underride protection and a GR roll bar.Some of the GRMN extras should also be available for the “normal” GR Yaris from autumn. Will be delivered from summer. The lottery runs on the Gazoo Racing website until the end of February (for Japanese customers only).
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