Pompoir: Super orgasm with pelvic floor workout leads to

Pompoir is also known as Cleopatra's grip or the labia kiss and is said to give men an absolute super orgasm. In addition to his everlasting love, you also benefit from it. Our author explains.

The most important thing in sex? That it is good for both and that mutual needs are taken care of. For many women in particular, it is often the top priority that the man comes to orgasm. Fortunately, that is changing more and more. Hello egogasm! But just as we want our orgasms to be lovingly cared for, we can also pamper our husband, friend or lover a little and, above all, show what our vagina can do. It can not only give birth to children, which in and of itself is an outstanding achievement and would be completely sufficient, but also provide ecstatic super orgasm surprises. You're curious now, aren't you?

What is Pompoir?

Like Tantra and Kamasutra, Pompoir comes from India and roughly translates as "Cleopatra's grip". Here with us, the sex practice is also known as the labia kiss.

And how will that work?

Labia kiss is actually misleading because you are not using your vulval lips, but your vaginal muscles to stimulate your partner's penis during sex. In theory, it's very simple: By tensing and loosening the muscles in the genital area, the vagina narrows and you pull the penis deeper into you. At the same time, the contractions feel pretty good for the man and give him an orgasm that he probably won't forget anytime soon. Colloquially, the sex practice is also described as "milking the penis".

Learn Pompoir: This is what you have to do if you want to become a sex goddess

Pelvic floor training, pelvic floor training, pelvic floor training, ladies! At least 10 minutes a day. And of course you don't just do that for the man, but above all for yourself! Because a strong pelvic floor muscles prevents later incontinence, among other things. You can easily train with love balls or various exercises on the side. You simply wear the love balls in your vagina for 15 minutes and move them through your muscles. In another exercise, you can just imagine sucking something in or pulling your vulval lips towards your belly button

You can also practice the grip of Cleopatra on a vibrator or dildo. And don't be surprised, especially in the beginning it is not at all easy to use the vaginal muscles in a targeted manner. The good thing is, you can't go wrong with Pompoir. Just keep practicing and strengthen the pelvic floor. After all, that's even more important than the super orgasm for him.