portrait of a possessive young bother


Rodrigo, a mutic and lonely teenager who lives with his mother, who adores him and who is quickly understood to be separated from his father, sees her arrive one day with a new boyfriend, Fernando. Unable, it seems, to express his feelings, the kid skips school and regularly takes refuge in a car junkyard where he has fun repairing an old trailer.

Discovering this secret, Fernando decides to try to reconcile the boy’s graces and thinks he is doing the right thing by offering him an unexpected and sumptuous gift. Too bad. The final catastrophe will make it impossible for his poor mother to continue her affair.

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Ultra-scholar psychological portrait of a young, possessive pain in the ass, Summer white unfolds its demonstration with the grace of an elephant in a porcelain store. After each scene where Rodrigo, a morally hideous character, surprises or hears his mother making love with her lover, the editing follows a shot where the young man hits the walls with his fists. We saw more subtle.

Mexican film by Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson. With Adrian Rossi, Sophie Alexander-Katz, Fabian Corres (1 h 25).