Presidential 2022: “Discussions” in progress on a possible rallying of Montebourg to Taubira

In December, Christiane Taubira and Arnaud Montebourg had both called for a unification of the left in view of the presidential election.

From “discussions“are underway with a view to a possible rallying of the candidate of the”Returned from France“Arnaud Montebourg to the probable future candidate Christiane Taubira, learned AFP from the teams of the two interested parties.

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Senator Mickaël Vallet, spokesman for Arnaud Montebourg, however stressed on Tuesday evening that his candidateabsolutely did not favor the Taubira track“, the discussions also being good with the communist Fabien Roussel. “There are regular contacts but not only with Christiane Taubira“, had also explained Tuesday morning to AFP a relative of Arnaud Montebourg. “It is true that it is easier with her than with others, they are in the same logic of candidacy of union and common project. They met“, he continued, specifying: “But it’s not a matter of time, there’s a fight to be fought with others too“.

“The discussion is lighter than with others”

Mickaël Vallet noted several subjects of “disagreementwith Christiane Taubira, in particular thenuclear power and Europe“. “But they know each other well, the discussion is lighter than with others“. Arnaud Montebourg, former Minister of Economy and Productive Recovery of François Hollande, launched in the presidential campaign at the beginning of September, is around 1% to 2% of voting intentions, 89 days before the election. On the side of Christiane Taubira, we confirm that there is “real discussions with Arnaud Montebourgabout a potential rallying point. At the beginning of December, Arnaud Montebourg had called for “the unification of forces around a common candidate” on the left in the presidential election, saying to himself “ready to apply for a joint project and candidate“.

François Hollande’s former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, who announced in mid-December “to consider» her candidacy for the presidential election of April 2022, said on Sunday that she would submit to the result of the popular Primary, a citizen initiative of investiture, which will be held from January 27 to 30, and has already registered 110,000 registrations to vote. She should formalize her presidential candidacy this weekend, perhaps during a trip. If she runs, she will be in direct competition with PS candidate Anne Hidalgo who has not closed the door on the recognition of “popular nomination“, but on the condition that the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot does the same.

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