Prince William and Duchess Kate: The two advertise again for vaccination

Prince William and Duchess Kate
The two are promoting the vaccination again

Prince William and Duchess Kate use their popularity in the spirit of the vaccination campaign.

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The UK vaccination campaign has a growing number of prominent advocates. Now Prince William and Duchess Kate are also stepping in once more.

Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39) are currently massively supporting the British vaccination campaign. As part of their commitment, the Kensington Palace has now published several recordings of video calls between the two of them with high-risk patients who will soon receive a vaccination. In the conversation with the diabetic Shivali, among other things, false information about the vaccines comes up, which is particularly prevalent in social media. Prince William is quite clear: "You have to be careful who we believe and where we get our information."

It is extremely important for him that these vaccinations are carried out. Although he and his wife Kate are not medical professionals, they support the vaccination "wholeheartedly". Last week, Queen Elizabeth II (94) also got involved in advertising for the corona vaccinations. Her own vaccination would not have hurt when she and her husband Prince Philip (99) were vaccinated in January.