Princess Alexia + Princess Amalia: Corona changes their plans

Princess Alexia + Princess Amalia
Now their flexibility is required

Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane at the annual summer photocall in the garden of Huis ten Bosch Castle in The Hague.

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After the summer, Princess Amalia and Princess Alexia will bid their parents farewell and embark on new adventures. But now it is important for the royal children to be flexible, because not everything goes as planned.

Princess Amalia, 17, is ready to explore the world. After graduating from school, the heir to the throne takes a year to try new things. Then she would like to start studying. However, her original plans will not be as easy as the young Dutch woman had imagined. She actually intended to get a feel for various professional fields with the help of internships. But her father in particular is suddenly very skeptical about this.

Princess Alexia and Princess Amalia are starting new phases in their lives

“Companies don’t know whether they will continue to work from home or not. There is no point in doing an internship when you have to do it behind the screen,” said King Willem-Alexander, 54, on Friday (July 16) 2021), at a photo session with the family in the garden of Huis ten Bosch Castle in The Hague. The monarch is not entirely wrong in view of the still prevailing restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, but how can his eldest use the time-out otherwise sensibly?

Nothing easier than that! Amalia will come of age in December and could theoretically succeed her father. This is of course not yet up for debate, but a little more intensive preparation for your role as future Queen of the Netherlands could be a sensible measure before starting your studies. Papa Willem-Alexander would also take it slow and spare his daughter a “full agenda” for the time being.

Internships or royal duties?

Nevertheless, Queen Beatrix’s son, 83, announced that he would “occasionally” familiarize his child with royal duties. The first steps have already been taken: Amalia will join the State Council and also on Prinsjesdag [zu Dt. Prinzentag] be present on which the parliamentary session year opens. “She can accompany me and of course she has to prepare. She becomes more visible. And then she can also carry out tasks and make visits,” the king outlined the primary requirements for his successor on the throne.

But first there is a celebration. Amalia only received her diploma on Thursday. For Papa Willem-Alexander, this moment was “particularly emotional, beautiful despite Corona. You had invested a lot of energy to make something beautiful out of it. They were talked about so sweetly and sweetly. It was just very emotional. It feels like.” like yesterday when we took her to Bloemcampschool [Anm. Red: Amalias Grundschule] brought. And now she’s leaving another school with a diploma in hand. “

Start of school without dad’s company

Princess Alexia, 14, on the other hand, needs a little more time to graduate. Nevertheless, she is determined and moves to the UWC Atlantic College in Wales after the summer. There she will complete the last two years of secondary school, as her father once did. “I would like to accompany you,” revealed Willem-Alexander. “Alexia only knows the school from photos and stories. She hasn’t been there yet.” Unfortunately, the corona pandemic is also throwing a spanner in the works of these plans.

King Willem-Alexander, Princess Alexia, Queen Máxima, Princess Amalia, Princess Ariane.  (from left to right)

The proud dad would have liked to personally show his middle daughter her new place of learning. Now a few tips have to suffice that he wants to give her along the way. The monarch enthuses that it is a unique opportunity for them to meet people from all kinds of cultures and to make friends from all over the world for the rest of their lives. “Be open to it,” he advised Alexia, “use the unique opportunities.”

“We are always available”

The 54-year-old and Queen Máxima, 50, should have been reassured by the news that another European royal has moved to Alexia’s new school. Spain’s heir to the throne, Princess Leonor, 15, will go to school with her daughter. “You know each other and I am sure you get along well,” said Willem-Alexander hopefully, and his wife added a little wistfully and yet bravely, with a view to the future of their two elders: “We have every confidence that they will do well. You still have a father and a mother at home, so if there are problems we are always available. “

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