Psychology: These are our favorite thoughts for the week of May 3-9

These are our favorite thoughts for the week of May 3rd to 9th

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No matter what is going on around us, with our thinking we can make the world a little bit better – at least our own. How? Maybe our favorite thoughts of the week from May 3rd to 9th will give you an idea.

Admittedly, our attitude alone usually cannot cure illnesses or relieve physical pain, pay debts, or turn our long to-do lists into done lists. Unless we happen to have telekinetic abilities, our thoughts and mindsets are unlikely to change much in the external circumstances we are dealing with. But they are of great importance for our internal circumstances.

Our thoughts determine how we feel. They influence our mood, our motivation, our perception and our actions – which means that they indirectly have an effect on external circumstances. In everyday life, however, it can sometimes be quite difficult to come up with thoughts that help us instead of even making a situation worse in the worst case. That’s why we arm ourselves in advance – with our favorite thoughts of the week.

These are our favorite thoughts of the week from May 3rd to 9th

Everyone has reasons that we mostly don’t know

Before we get angry with others (and thus burden our own mood), it can help every now and then to realize that we probably don’t understand the situation properly, let alone judge it – because we only know our view of things and not knowing at all what drives and moves the people around us. We all have our concerns and personal reasons for doing what we do, and we rarely have bad intentions. The behavior of others may seem stupid or wrong to us, but it makes sense to them and is right at this moment. So hook it and continue in the text, if it does not concern us greatly. Otherwise, a friendly question usually brings more than anger, hatred and aggression.

80 percent is enough

How often do we need forever for something and ultimately lose the joy of doing it because we again place far too high demands on ourselves and our services and want to do everything perfectly? Too often for sure! In most cases we don’t waste our time and energy on anything if we want to do something one hundred percent, because 80 percent effort (or even less) is usually quite sufficient. In any case, for next week we plan to find the courage to fill the gap and be satisfied with “sufficient” – let’s see what happens.

Otters hold hands while sleeping

Albert Einstein once suggested that we should consider whether we consider the world a friendly or a hostile place (or something like that). Some information from the animal world that might play a role in this decision: When sea otters sleep, they often float on their backs on the water and hold on to their hands so as not to drift apart. Pro tip: This thought is particularly helpful if you visualize it.