Sarah Knappik: She raves about daughter Marly

Sarah Knappik
She raves about daughter Marly

Sarah Knappik

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Sarah Knappik has been enjoying her new role as a mother for several months. Since the birth of her daughter in the spring of 2021, the model has largely withdrawn from the public and seems to have really arrived.

Gone are the days when Sarah Knappik, 35, rode from reality show to reality show. The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” participant now much prefers to enjoy her family happiness with her partner and her little daughter – far away from the public.

Sarah Knappik: “Piece of the puzzle that was missing”

“That was the piece of the puzzle that I was missing so much in life,” enthused the new mother during a rare appearance at an event in the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, opposite RTL. “You only notice that when the child is there.”

Sarah Knappik in motherhood

In June of this year, two months after the birth of her child, the 35-year-old announced the happy news via Instagram. “Baby Marly and I are doing well. She is sweet as sugar, laughs a lot and is full of joy,” she proudly wrote about a recording that showed her and her little bundle of joy from behind right after the birth. However, it will be the first and last photo of her daughter that she shares on social media. Because: Sarah keeps her family strictly out of the public eye. So it is not publicly known who the man by her side and the father of little Marly is.

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Sarah Knappik reveals this much in an interview: Fortunately, her offspring seems to be very easy to care for. Sleepless nights? Nothing. “She goes to bed at half past seven and wakes up at seven in the morning,” reports the blonde proudly.

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