Schlager: Kerstin Ott: outburst of anger after hostility because of rainbow band

AFD politician outraged with saying
Kerstin Ott reacts to hostility towards Manuel Neuer

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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Kerstin Ott bursts the collar after an ADF politician rushes against DFB captain Manuel Neuer.

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June 21, 2021

Kerstin Ott defends herself against hostility

Kerstin Ott, 39, can’t believe what she had to read on Twitter. AfD politician Uwe Junge incites against the team, captain Manuel Neuer and homosexuals. The German national team is setting a small example in the fight for more diversity: Manuel Neuer wears a captain’s armband with rainbow colors in June to support the LGBTI community. The AfD politician is outraged – and his words, in turn, outrage Kerstin Ott!

On Instagram, she ventures her anger. To the controversial politician’s Twitter post, she wrote: “Fagot bandage? Seriously? I would love to spend a day smarting you up. Your mother would certainly like that too.”

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The community supports the pop singer. “Wow, you really have no words ….. and something like that is allowed in politics”, criticized an Instagram user. “You could sing your absolutely awesome song ‘Rainbow Colors’ in front of his party office,” suggests another.

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