School health protocol: Three self-tests will suffice for contact cases, indicates Jean Castex

Jean Castex on Monday evening relaxed the health protocol applicable to the school since the beginning of January as part of the fight against the coronavirus. Thus, for contact cases, three self-tests will now suffice.

Third modification of the health protocol applicable in schools since the start of the January school year. Guest on the set of France 2, Monday evening, Prime Minister Jean Castex, unveiled some “simplifications”. Faced with endless queues in pharmacies to be tested, the head of government clarified that now, for contact cases, three self-tests will suffice. Previously, if a positive case was detected in their class, students had to be tested three times in four days, including a PCR or antigen test in a pharmacy.

Likewise, a single certificate indicating that the self-test has been carried out will be requested from parents. Finally, when a case of coronavirus is detected in a classroom, parents will no longer have to come immediately to pick up their children if they are in contact, but this can wait until the end of the school day.

Free self-tests

The Prime Minister clarified that the self-tests – of which 11 million will be delivered to pharmacies, according to his announcements – are free and will remain so.

“We have left our schools open the most since the start of the crisis,” he said. “Our goal is to keep schools as open as possible because we all know that is in the best interests of the children.” He said that on Monday 10,453 classes were closed.

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