Signs of Depression: These 6 warning signs are easy to miss

Signs of depression
6 warning signs that are easy to miss

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Loss of drive and listlessness are well-known signs of depression. But there are also more subtle signals that you should be aware of.

Not all signs of depression are clear

Depression is on the rise, including among young people, and it is one of the most underrated conditions. “The number of people with depression is increasing rapidly worldwide,” reports the Medical journal.

According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 322 million people were affected in 2015, a good 18 percent more than ten years earlier. But even in Germany, very few receive optimal treatment, they say German Depression Aid Foundation.

Because while the symptoms are quite clear in some sufferers – from loss of joie de vivre to thoughts of suicide – they are more subtle in others and, in the worst case, are not even recognized as signs of depression.

So it is a common misconception that depressed people are always sad and down. Some sick people still function so well in public and even at home that their suffering goes unnoticed. In any case, it is important that depression is recognized and treated.

Even if a single symptom is not yet meaningful, one should also be aware of more subtle signals – especially if they persist over a long period of time.

These 6 symptoms could be signs of depression

1. Your sleep behavior changes

Maybe you’ve always slept well – not now. Maybe six hours of sleep was always enough for you, now you sleep through the weekend. Changes in sleep patterns can be a sign of depression. Restlessness and restlessness are also part of it.

2. You have difficulty concentrating

Altered cognitive abilities can also indicate a depressive illness – for example, if you have difficulty concentrating on television or a book for half an hour. Hidden signs of depression can also include slowed thinking, forgetfulness and difficulty making decisions.

3. You brood a lot

When brooding, people go through negative situations again and again, evaluate neutral situations negatively or over-analyze things. Thinking and self-reflection are important, but becoming very self-centered and chewing your worries over and over again without finding peace is a red flag.

4. Your weight changes a lot

A change in weight can also be a sign of depression. Some people start to overeat, others lose their appetite. Such changes in eating behavior can be associated with fatigue and joylessness.

5. You withdraw very much

If you used to like being around people and you are now increasingly withdrawing, you should take notice. Withdrawal is a well-known symptom of depression, but a lack of emotional expression such as facial expressions and gestures can also be a clue.

6. You have physical complaints

Headaches, digestive problems, back pain: Depression can also cause physical symptoms. Some people only go to the doctor to get their pain treated – and are never diagnosed with depression.

Suspected Depression? Let yourself be treated!

If you suspect that you are suffering from depression, you should see a doctor for treatment for the depression!


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