Slimming: The 1-kilo principle makes you slim


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Losing weight could be so easy – if only the constant hunger were not! It is quite possible to lose weight without hunger . An easy to use method for this is the so-called 1 kilogram diet. And no, that does not mean that you lose a kilo per day – that’s unrealistic, unfortunately. Instead, with the 1 kilo principle, you eat exactly one kilo of food every day. And in this mixture:

  • 300 grams of vegetables
  • 200 grams of fruits
  • 100 grams of meat, fish or tofu
  • 200 grams of dairy products
  • 200 grams of uncooked carbohydrates, eg. Oatmeal

In this diet, you get all the nutrients that the body needs and on top of that, the fat burning is stimulated. A lack of vital protein and complex carbohydrates is thus virtually eliminated. The only thing to keep in mind is to weigh the ingredients correctly. So you can slowly and healthy let the pounds tumble!

Weight Loss: With this Ess-trick you save calories

Of course, we all know that we should not eat our food down – and yet it happens to us all again and again in the stressful everyday life. By so-called “Mindful Eating” should now finally be over. The method relies on a very conscious food intake, with the help of which we can even save calories. And so it goes:

  • Pay attention to body signals: Eat only until your body reaches satiety – even if someone still wants to impose something on you. And: do not ignore stomach rumbling! If you are hungry, eat something. B. Nuts as a healthy snack in between.
  • Eat well: From now on you feel like having a chocolate bar is alright. However, most of your food should be made from healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, cereal and dairy products, fish and a bit lean meat.
  • Concentrated eating: When you sit at lunch, you should concentrate fully on the food and its taste and not casually look at the phone or in a magazine. This will automatically make you more conscious, slow down and leave you more time.

Especially with the last tip you can save extra calories – because if you eat slowly, you get fuller faster. And then eat less. So “Mindful Eating” not only helps our well-being, but can even make you slim!

Weight Loss: How To Make Coffee Slim

Every morning coffee makes us awake and alert. But can he help with weight loss? Yes, says the physician and author dr. Bob Arnot – and wants to prove it with his book “The Coffee Lover’s Bible”. According to him, he noticed on the Greek island of Ikaria that the inhabitants drink a lot of antioxidant-rich coffee – and at the same time live long and healthy. So that we can do that too, we should, according to Dr. Arnot drink at least 720 milliliters (about three cups) of black coffee daily. The coffee should be lightly roasted, because it should contain more antioxidants – these protect against inflammation in the body and against free radicals.

In addition, it is important to eat as healthy as possible, so a lot of fruit, vegetables, fiber from grains and low fat. A meal is replaced with a green smoothie that you can make yourself. The coffee diet lowers the appetite, the contained caffeine boosts the metabolism, as a study shows. If you like to drink a lot of coffee, you can give the diet a chance – a period of up to four weeks is not a problem. Only those who realize that he is over-stimulated by a lot of caffeine should better stop the coffee diet directly.