Sony plans to produce more PS4s than expected this year due to PS5 shortage

The current shortage of next-gen consoles, both on the PS5 that of the Xbox Series X, should still last quite a while. Sony knows it, and in order to avoid having nothing more to put on the market during this year, the manufacturer has obviously decided to continue producing a little more PS4 this year, when production was to stop.

The PS4 takes care of the rear

As the PS5 enters its second year of existence, one would logically expect the PS4 to slowly bow out, but the current shortage has bound to complicate matters. Bloomberg publishes a new survey, relayed by VGC, which indicates that Sony intended to stop producing PS4s as early as 2021, but that the situation did not lend itself to it in the end.

Instead of that, the manufacturer will continue to produce more PS4 consoles this, with a million more consoles, in order to ensure a presence in the market.

Since the console does not need the same components as the PS5, it is still easier and less expensive to produce, and PS4 & PS5 cross-gen games are and will still be very numerous anyway. ofHorizon Forbidden West which will be released over two generations. Bloomberg also indicates that this increase in production will allow Sony to negotiate better deals with manufacturing plants.

You will understand, 2022 will be another complicated year to get a PS5.

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