Stéphane Plaza: “we’re going to be honest…”, why he was still living with his mother at 30

In the program En Aparté, Monday May 29, 2023, Stéphane Plaza explained why he had stayed until his 30th birthday with his mother. The famous animator admitted that there was still a certain comfort.

In 2016, Stéphane Plaza had to face the most difficult loss of his life: the death of his mother. She had been carried away by cancer of the pleura. Mother and son were very close. I have to say that the famous host of M6 lived until he was 30 with the one who gave him life. On the set ofAs an aside, Monday May 29, 2023, Nathalie Levy wanted to ask him why he had stayed so long with his mother. “What was holding you back?“, she threw at him. “Let’s be honest, I had a full fridge“, he launched at first before ensuring that there were many advantages to remaining within the family nest for many years.

There was no shopping to do, no laundry to do… It’s a life a little pasha, a little Tanguy. And then I had the freedom to come home at any time, there were no fights. There were no fights in my house, or very few“At his mother’s house, he felt good and was happy.”It was the Spanish hostel, I am of Spanish origin, so we could discuss everything. […] I was good“, he finally said, stars in his eyes. Since her mother lost her life, the most famous real estate agent in France don’t miss an opportunity to honor him.

Stéphane Plaza is still very marked by the death of his mother

Torn by pain. It’s raining in my heart at the approach of this date without haste where in my arms I can’t hug you“, he had thus confided in September 2022 on the occasion of his mother’s birthday. Despite everything, he prefers to remember the good memories and all the beautiful things that she has allowed him to experience. “You taught me to hope. You taught me to love. And to protect this sensitive heart. […] Your light puts me back on the right path, without waiting for the clarity of the next day. You inspire me with beauty.”

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