Style clothes in spring: that's how we do it now


Finally – it's spring! And with it not only our spring feelings (and hopefully a little sun) come back, but also the spring clothes.

However, we don't wear our beloved mini, midi and maxi dresses this season with sneakers, loafers or sandals as usual. As long as it is not really warm, real fashion girls style dresses with boots. No matter what type, color or shape. Which boots you choose depends, of course, primarily on your own taste, style and dress. We have three different styling options for you:


The cool one

Is your thing cool and casual? Then you are guaranteed to love combining your spring dresses with really rough boots. Whether biker boots or combat boots – the main thing is that they form a cool contrast to the dress. Since these boots are usually black, you don't really have to pay much attention to the color combination. Black somehow goes with everything, and black boots make pastel tones and delicate spring colors a little cooler. The rough boots are available with or without plateau – you are also spoiled for choice here. If you are unsure, do without platform soles first, so the look does not look too blatant.

The playful

Are you actually more of a ballerina type? Then it doesn't have to be rough, chunky boots for you. For example, pointed ankle boots are made for you. They are also welcome to have a few details, such as colored sections or delicate buckles. Even a small block heel is super stylish and makes a nice leg. Here you can also use brown, beige or white boots, depending on the color of the dress, this can change the look completely. Our hot tip: suede boots also look super cute and feminine.

The country girl

Anyone who likes fringes, hats and cowboy boots in spring is definitely a country girl. And of course they wear the casual country boots with their spring dresses. They don't just have to go to the ankle, especially in combination with mini or midi dresses, knee-high cowboy boots look really good. If the dress sprays light country vibes, then your look is perfectly styled.

Of course you can also wear all three styles in spring if you like them all. In addition, there are of course many more ways to style clothes and boots. So, let's goooo!