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Libra's work horoscope for summer 2020

On vacation, you aspire to calm. Your loved ones are instructed to give you royal peace. You agree to share good times, as long as you leave the hassles and blahs aside. Now is the time to rebuild your desires and ambitions. You need time to think before you choose your new directions. Until August 7, Venus sends you good people to refer you. Around the 16th, the trio Sun / Mercury / Mars value your talents. You can negotiate them at full price. For more forecasts, also discover the work and money horoscope for Libra 2020 by Marc Angel

Libra: what will your summer look like?

The entrance to Mercury in Leo on August 6, benefit your finances. By unexpected bonuses, also thanks to your negotiating skills. March gives you a boost, by turning the situations in your favor. At the foot of the wall, you always find a solution to bounce back. Singles or couples, check out the Libra love horoscope for 2020 by Marc Angel to find out what to expect.

Libra: Marc Angel's advice for enjoying the summer

Air Sign, the great outdoors are excellent reconstructors for you. You come back to the house in trouble, your spirits up. Combine business with pleasure by walking. Great for keeping fit (useful) and decompressing (pleasant) at the same time. Talking also relieves you. Use all the means of expression in your possession to release your emotions. Blow of fatigue or overflowing energy, quickly discover the health horoscope of Libra 2020 by Marc Angel

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