surprise, this highly anticipated film is not dead

The development of the next Blade film under the Marvel Studios umbrella is chaotic. The feature film has been modified everywhere, but it should keep its villain.

Eventually, we no longer know where to stand with Marvel and the current projects are more or less complicated. Some move forward, others move backward or even stand still. Among the cursed films that still haven’t been finalized is the new Blade without Wesley Snipes. For months, the feature film has been a sort of roller coaster whose production never seems to see the end. It’s passed through many hands so far, but there is good news on one element of the casting.

Mahershala Ali would face a villainess in Marvel Blade

The new Blade movie might be good, but right now it’s a nameless mess that seems completely out of Marvel Studios’ control. So far, the feature film has seen two directors and at least five screenwriters. A game of chairs which only slows down production, and which could have cost the house of superheroes dearly. Because of all the problems, Mahershala Ali, who will replace Wesley Snipes, almost threw in the towel. Actor Aaron Pierre (Mufasa: The Lion King) is clearly no longer associated with this Blade supposed to be released in November 2025. Have other rats left the Marvel Studios ship?

Maybe so, but according to Daniel Richtman, whose information should be taken with a pinch of salt, Mia Goth would still be in the casting. The actress seen in A Cure for Life, the remake of Suspiria and in the X / Pearl / MaXXXine trilogy, would still be on Marvel’s Blade to play the big bad, the vampire Lilith. A role that seems tailor-made on paper. Additionally, the man indicated that the film would take place in the present day. And not in an older or futuristic time. The presence of Mia Goth questions the final scenario of Blade.

If Variety is to be believed, for a time, Marvel had a story completely focused on at least three female characters. To the point of truly eclipsing Mahershala Ali. It is not known if this version still exists, but with the confirmation – to be verified – from Mia Goth, it may be the case. When writing this scenario, if he has not disappeared in the meantime, we find Nic Pizzolatto. The creator of the HBO series True Detective.

Wesley Snipes in the first Blade movie.

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