Tennengau hotspot – infection situation remains stable

129 new Covid infections were reported in Salzburg on Friday – a value that has been quite common for Salzburg lately. What is still pending: The sequencing results of two Covid samples that may be assigned to the South Africa mutation.

Although Salzburg’s 7-day incidence is again slightly above the Austrian average, it is at a fairly constant level. It was 197 on Friday – throughout Austria the value is 183. Furthermore, it is in Salzburg in the Tennengau where a particularly large number of are infected with the virus at the moment.

The situation in the hospitals has also remained the same. On Friday, 81 corona patients were in the hospital, 20 of them were treated in an intensive care unit.

The result of the sequencing of the Covid samples from two holiday returnees who are suspected of the South African mutation is still pending. According to the country, you will still be examined in the laboratory of the state hospital.