That's why women smear toothpaste in their vaginas

This trend leaves us speechless for several reasons: All over the world, women are currently smearing toothpaste in their vaginas. But why do you do that?

One of the downsides of the internet is that trends and rumors can travel incredibly quickly. And so this new trend is also finding fans around the world: Women swear by smearing toothpaste into their vaginas as a beauty treatment. Uh … what?

More fun in sex with toothpaste?

Exactly where the trend is coming from is not known, but especially in Africa it seems to be totally hip if you go to Twitter and YouTube. But what are the women doing with it? Well: The toothpaste is rumored to tighten the vagina. And that should primarily be of use to the man – he should have more fun with sex. For women, however, the treatment allegedly still jumps out a fresher fragrance in the intimate area.

Experts sound the alarm

Experts are urgently warning of the trend. Nigerian gynecologist Dr. For example, Oluwole Yusuf points out that the treatment can damage the sensitive genital area: "Toothpaste is corrosive to a sensitive part of the body, such as the vagina. Using it can destroy organisms that serve to protect the vagina from possible infections . "

And his British colleague Vanessa Mackay told "The Sun": "It is a myth that toothpaste tightens the vagina." Small particles from the toothpaste could even abrade the vaginal walls, says the expert who works at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. In the worst case, the treatment could lead to infertility or sexually transmitted diseases.

What if my vagina is too wide?

In fact, a natural birth, for example, can overstretch the actually elastic vaginal tissue, which can give some women the feeling that they are "worn out" and thus no longer experience enough stimulation during sex. Pelvic floor training, for example, helps against this, More and more cosmetic surgeons are also offering surgical interventions (e.g. with laser technology). However, these can lead to difficult complications such as burns, scars, or general pain.

Another method of tightening: If the vagina is only moderately widened, the vaginal canal can be lined with hyaluronic acid by an injection and thus narrowed. The effect lasts for about eight to 16 months, after which another injection would be required to obtain it.

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