The Masked Singer: These celebrities are believed to be behind the meerkat couple

A meerkat duo performed at the start of "The Masked Singer". Prominent couples are suspected to be behind the costumes.

In addition to actress Veronica Ferres (55), who was revealed as a bee on Tuesday evening, a double appearance at the start of the ProSieben show "The Masked Singer" caused the biggest surprise: the meerkat in her flower dress, announced as "Frau Erdmann", was made by one male meerkat supported in dungarees. Together they sang "Hungry Eyes" and "Time Of My Life" from the dance film "Dirty Dancing" and easily made it to round two. There has never been a couple performance at the mask show, so the guesswork around the two celebrities behind the costumes is all the greater.

In the ProSieben app, in which viewers can give their tips about the celebrity candidates, a couple is way ahead: Daniela Katzenberger (34) and husband Lucas Cordalis (53) are suspected of being behind the costumes. Other names that appear in the app are Annemarie (42) and Wayne Carpendale (43), Rebecca Mir (28) and Massimo Sinató (39), Ina Müller (55) and Johannes Oerding (38) and Jana Ina (43) and Giovanni Zarrella (42).

This pair is very popular on Twitter

The fans share their assumptions on Twitter – and the names Katzenberger and Cordalis are also often mentioned there. Not only the appearance, but also the first clues were used for an explanation. "Meerkats are Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis – that Palatine comes through even when singing!" a user. "The meerkats have something to do with Florian Silbereisen. Katzenberger & Cordalis have been guests in his shows several times this year," emphasized a fan. A Spectator notes that the kiosk in the clues clip could indicate Daniela Katzenberger's former café.

This is what the advice team says about the meerkat couple

The advice team around Bülent Ceylan (44), Sonja Zietlow (52) and guest Dieter Hallervorden (85) was completely excited in the opening sequence when the meerkats stepped onto the stage. Hallervorden shot the rappers Bausa (31) and Juju (27) from the hip. Zietlow was for presenter Ina Müller and singer Johannes Oerding and Ceylan believed to have recognized model Angelina Kirsch (32) and cook Alexander Hermann (49).

In the end, the bee received very few audience votes and had to take off her mask. To everyone's surprise, the actress Veronica Ferres was hidden under it. Previously, the advice team had put names like Eva Padberg (40), Lena Gercke (32), or YouTuber Bibi Claßen (27) in the room.