The National Assembly extends full coverage of contraception for women


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This Friday, October 22, the deputies met in the National Assembly to discuss and vote on the Social Security budget for the year 2022 and there will be big changes, especially in terms of female contraception.

A change will take place from January 1, 2022. This Friday, October 22, the deputies met in the National Assembly to vote on the budget devoted to Social Security and one of the notorious decisions concerns female contraception. Unanimously, the deputies adopted full coverage of contraception for young women aged 18 to 25, which was, until now, free for minors. Health insurance will cover 100% and third-party payment of the costs necessary for female contraception. Last September, Olivier Véran underlined that the use of contraceptive methods among young people was in net “recoil“, in particular because of financial reasons. This extension until the age of 25 concerns three million young women and will cost the sum of 21 million euros per year. Certain contraceptive pills, contraceptive implants, IUDs, diaphragms as well as hormonal emergency contraception will be taken into account.

Towards more accessible health care?

Other measures have also been adopted and will take effect in the new year. The National Assembly also voted for a reinforced supervision of health centers and opted for the implementation of sanctions in the event of breaches. Thus, access to dental care should be more affordable. Another great news, which is starting to be debated among health professionals, orthoptists will be able to prescribe glasses without the opinion of ophthalmologists, in particular because of waiting times of several months. In the same vein, it will now be possible to make an appointment with a physiotherapist and a speech therapist without a prescription previously issued by a doctor.

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In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world and a sad fact has been established. Many French people suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. It was therefore decided that from 2022, eight sessions with the psychologist will be reimbursed, up to 30 euros, by Health Insurance. However, the patient must be provided with a prescription from a doctor to claim this reimbursement. In total, the budget envelope planned for the year 2022 amounts to 50 million euros. Advances that will delight many people.

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