The rental of gardens between individuals is booming

In the garden which will host the celebration of their marriage, Sarah and Sabry – who wished to remain anonymous – arrived with their arms loaded with boxes. On the tables brought out for the occasion, they unpack what to feed the guests, but also balloons and the flowers supposed to decorate the garden. Slightly behind, Renyel Pan, the owner of the place, assists in the preparations. It is he who, with his father, mowed the lawn and set up the barnums where the festivities will take place.

Married a year ago, the young couple could not celebrate the event with their loved ones due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. On this Sunday, August 15, he intends to make up for it. For this, the bride and groom rented this garden for a day, in Sannois, in the Val-d’Oise. “We didn’t want to go to a wedding hall. It doesn’t look like us. Here it is as if we were at home “, Sarah rejoices.

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Before you tie this “Logistics and commercial relationship”, Mr. Pan did not know them. Since 2019, this 42-year-old engineer has been renting out his 600 square meters of garden several times a year to individuals on the website. Already on the rise for four years, the private garden rental market has experienced a particularly significant boom since the release of confinements linked to the health crisis.

“For the owners, it is an important income”

“There was an acceleration in activity at the end of the first confinement [en mai 2020]. We never imagined it, but we realized that people needed to see their families and outdoor spaces. There is an increasingly important market ”, comments Pascale Krief, co-founder of the platform. The start-up was already showing growth in its turnover of 20% per year since its creation in 2016. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of rentals made through the site has quintupled.

The garden rented by Renyel Pan includes a small swimming pool, barbecue, barnum and table tennis.

Today we are around 150 rentals per month “, underlines Mme Krief. “We are living a beautiful summer and we are taking advantage of a windfall effect, confirms Benjamin Poutier, director of We Peps, another platform for renting gardens between individuals. With the year we just had, people needed to get out. “ According to Mr. Poutier, his company’s turnover has jumped 400% in one year.

Renting a private garden turns out to be the most financially affordable option

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