This inexpensive electric scooter promises to make your journeys even more pleasant

In an urban landscape where regulation of electric scooters is intensifying, a new model equipped with innovative double suspension is emerging. This vehicle combines technological advances and optimal comfort for city trips.

Yadea Urban Artist

The recent strengthening of traffic rules for electric scooters in France shows a desire to secure this shared space. At the same time, innovation does not weaken and a new double suspension model is here to bear witness to this, proving that these vehicles still have a lot to offer.

There Yadea Urban Artist is distinguished by a major innovation: its double suspension. Using a rubber elastomer to absorb shockcombined with a system of double swing arm, this configuration allows you to maintain a stable and comfortable ride. These suspensions work by allowing each wheel to move independently, thereby reducing the impact of road bumps on driver comfort. This electric scooter can easily overcome potholes, jump off sidewalks or climb stairs for the more daring, all in a optimal comfort.

scooter suspensionscooter suspension

This scooter offers a type of suspension never before seen

Despite recent restrictions, including the requirement to follow traffic signs like bicycles, this scooter offers safety features such as integrated turn signals which improve visibility and predictability of movements for other road users.

With a 350W motor which allows you to climb slopes of 20% and a battery which offers up to 30 km of autonomy, this scooter is ideal for daily travel. Integrated turn signals and the increased visibility they provide are essential for navigating in densely populated metropolises like Paris, where coexistence on the road is complex. Additionally, it comes with a mobile application that allows users to control the lock remotelyadjust the parameters of regenerative brakingand change speed modes.

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The Yadea Urban Artist perfectly demonstrates that innovation in the field of electric scooters is far from over. It meets new safety standards while pushing the limits of urban comfort. For the moment it is available in France to order for around 470 euros.

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