Top 5 best CC creams: reviews and advice!

CC crème is the new BB crème: a newcomer to the world of beauty trends, CC crème is THE practical and complete treatment suitable for all skin types. This 2-in1 tinted cream hydrates and unifies the complexion. Slightly colored, it simplifies the morning beauty routine. Here is the selection of the 5 best cc creams and our opinion!

CC cream: for whom, why?

After the success of BB creams, it is the turn of CC creams to become THE beauty trend. It is a product that unifies the complexion in a natural way, while hydrating the skin.
An excellent compromise for sensitive and reactive skin, for which the choice of a foundation is sometimes complicated.

Our opinion and advice on the 5 best CC creams on the market:

Rosaliac CC cream from Roche Posay

The CC cream Rosaliac of the brand La Roche Posay is proposed in a universal shade, which will go to all skin tones. Formulated with an antioxidant plant extract and guaranteed SPF30, this beauty treatment hydrates the skin and masks facial imperfections. Easy and streak-free use.

What type of skin?
Effective against redness and UV rays, this beauty treatment soothes skin sensitive to irritation and prone to tightness.

Our opinion and why we like it?
An effective moisturizer with a rather dense texture: very covering, it has the advantage of relieving irritated skin! If you are already familiar with BB creams, this model will also work. A brand respectful of health, a pledge of confidence and high tolerance, for a fair price.
More information on La Roche Posay

Centella Asiatica CC Cream from Erborian

With Centella Asiatica skincare, the famous Erborian brand offers a new generation CC cream, inspired by Asian cosmetics. Rich in illuminating pigments, this cream is fluid and light, while bringing radiance and light to the complexion. Formulated with “CC pigments” and Centalla Asiatica (natural active ingredient from Korea), it is a treatment that protects, moisturizes, masks imperfections and gives a radiant complexion.

What type of skin?
It is a very versatile treatment, which will adapt to any type of skin. Its ultra light texture is enriched with “CC” pigments, which melt on application on the face. Light and slightly golden skin tones will be the perfect targets.

Our opinion and why we like it?
On contact, the skin becomes soft and the complexion even. The pigments act as light revealers, without weighing down the skin. Formulated with an SPF25 sunscreen, it protects the skin from the sun.
More information on the Erborian website

Light Hyaluron FIller CC Cream by Eucerin

Light Hyaluron Filler from Eucérin is part of the brand's anti-aging range. Renowned for clinical and dermatological testing of its products, Eucerin offers expert and comprehensive care here. This CC cream combines an anti-wrinkle formulation with hyaluronic acid with beige / golden tone correcting pigments.
The stock of hyaluronic acid decreases from the age of 20: it is thanks to this element naturally present in the body that the skin remains smooth, luscious, toned and radiant. Also enriched with glycine saponin, the cream supports the natural production of hyaluronic acid by penetrating into the upper and deep layers of the epidermis. A certified non-comedogenic treatment, paraben free, and anti UVA.

What type of skin?
A care so complete that it will suit all skin types and all ages. Focused on reducing wrinkles and preventing marks linked to aging of the skin, it could become THE ultimate anti-aging tinted cream.

Our opinion and why we like it?
This CC cream allows an optimal complexion correction, which can serve as a homogeneous base for a more covering make-up. Its composition allows to hydrate and smooth the skins marked by fatigue and wrinkles, without danger to health. Enough to restore radiance, elasticity and firmness to the skin, while giving a healthy glow effect. The SPF 15 and the anti-UVA protection of the treatment is a plus for fragile skin.
More information on 1001 Pharmacies

Color correcting SPF 50 CC Cream by It Cosmetics

On the IT Cosmetics side, CC Color Correcting cream has also proven itself in terms of effectiveness. Available in serum form, this complexion correcting cream combines hydration, anti-wrinkle and sun protection SPF50. The brand promises 7 benefits in a cream: covering foundation, makeup base that does not clog pores, complexion corrector, anti-stain, anti-aging, SPF50 protection and moisturizing day cream. In terms of composition, there is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to boost the complexion and smooth the skin: niacin, hyaluronic acid, collagens, etc. A real cure respectful of health.

What type of skin?
This cream fits into any beauty routine as a moisturizer and complexion corrector. By applying it in the morning with a brush, the skin is even, hydrated and radiant. Developed with American cosmetic surgeons, the treatment is one of the stars of cosmetic sales. It is suitable for all skin types.

Our opinion and why we like it?
A complete composition, a slightly “glowy” effect but without shine, and skin that breathes! The brand offers a whole color chart in order to adapt to all skin tones, from the clear tone, through the medium to the darkest.
More information on Nocibé

Extreme Perfection CC Cream by Onagrine

Onagrine also offers its own beautifying treatment: a winning combo to hydrate, give radiance to the complexion, reduce wrinkles and tightness of the skin. Formulated with sesame, white lotus and argan extracts, CC cream Extreme perfection is inspired by Asian rituals. A complete treatment to sublimate the skin, offering a natural and velvety look, for at least 12 hours!

What type of skin?
Anti-aging for all skin types, even young ones. Perfect for fair skin, this CC cream can be applied alone for light and nude makeup. It will suffice to spread the cream in small touches, starting from the wings of the nose to the outside, with your fingertips.

Our opinion and why we like it?
This hydrating complexion illuminator is an all-in-one beauty ritual: hydration, day make-up, complexion enhancer … in one gesture. Its formulation in natural active ingredients (lotus, argan and sesame) gives it a divine smell reminiscent of oils for the body! The plus: this treatment is guaranteed without parabens or ingredients of animal origin.
More information on 1001 Pharmacies

Our advice and answers to questions

What is a CC cream?

In line with the success of BB creams, it is now CC creams that are all the rage in the beauty cosmetics department.
CC crème is a treatment that nourishes the epidermis and covers blemishes or redness of the complexion. Most CC creams have sun protection to protect the skin from UV rays. The word CC cream comes from "color correction": it is indeed a complexion perfector which has the advantage of repairing irritated skin without trace or demarcation.
Foundations are often difficult to choose or even responsible for imperfections as soon as they are removed: oily skin, irritations, pimples …

With CC Cream, no more worries: the complexion is even and the skin is soothed. Available in several colors, CC creams are used for:

> Hide imperfections
> Nourish and repair sensitive, irritated or dry skin
> Protect the epidermis from the sun and pollution
> Intensely hydrates and reduces wrinkles, redness and blemishes
> Unifies the complexion and hides dark circles
> Gives radiance and good looks

A complete treatment that combines makeup, hydration and protection!

What to choose: BB cream or CC cream?

BB cream or "blemish balm" (BB cream) is more covering than CC cream and is more like make-up than skin care, even if the difference is subtle.
For normal skin and daily makeup, the BB cream may be very suitable. It is an easy-to-apply cream that hides blemishes (spots, pimples, dark circles under the eyes, redness). A versatile cream, which mainly camouflages skin irregularities: the pigments adapt to the skin color for perfect coverage.

On the CC cream side, we find more the characteristics of a targeted and multifunctional treatment. This is the upper "level" of BB cream, with the role of nourishing and smoothing the complexion smoothly. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and light, CC cream has a fluid and delicate texture that does not suffocate the skin!
The bb and cc creams can be used alternately depending on the season and the skin's needs.
For discreet dark circles and a tired complexion: BB cream will complement your usual care.
In case of dry and irritated skin, or on the contrary of combination to oily skin: CC cream will be ideal. It acts on the regulation of sebum production, repairs the epidermis and protects from external aggressions (in particular UV rays)

CC crème acts as a complexion corrector made up of colored pigments, which vary according to brands and needs.
> The yellow, green and purple pigments will be more or less marked depending on the targeted imperfection: dark circles, dull complexion, redness, etc.
> The illuminating pigments will be used to mask the flaws and beautify the complexion.

To choose the shade, it will especially be necessary to refer to the indications of the cream: generalist or much more specific (concealer, tired eyes, anti-redness, etc.). If in doubt, the medium shade can surely match most skin tones.

> A fluid texture will make the cream easier to apply: a more natural and streak-free result unlike the powder models, even in the event of marked imperfections.

> In fine weather and for fair skin: remember to bet on a CC cream with stronger sunscreens (SPF50).

For the most delicate skins, favor organic brands, but the price may be higher.

CC Cream: for what type of skin?

Young or mature, fragile, dry, mixed or oily: CC crème meets all needs. The Erborian brand even offers a men's version, sold for 30 euros (available on Sephora for example)