Totems on Prime Video: a dark and captivating trailer for the spy series with Niels Schneider

A new French Amazon Original series eagerly awaited by fans of the small screen, Totems arrives from February 18 on Prime Video. While waiting for D-Day, discover the first images of Niels Schneider as a spy during the Cold War…

This is THE series everyone is talking about: Totems is finally coming to Prime Video! New original French creation of the platform and presented for the first time last October during the Canneséries Festival, it will be revealed from February 18 through 3 episodes, before moving to a weekly rhythm until the final episode put online. the 11th of March.

Building on the success of Mixte which immersed us in a high school in the early 60s, Amazon persists and signs this new series which is already creating the event. And for good reason, beyond its impressive cast, Totems promises to captivate us for many weeks thanks to its plot combining espionage and romance.


The story takes place in 1965, during the Cold War. French scientist, Francis Mareuil begins to work as a spy with the secret services and the CIA. It was then that he met Lyudmila Goloubeva, a pianist forced to collaborate in secret with the KGB. If a romance quickly forms between the two spies, each will have to disentangle the false from the true between sincere feelings and political shenanigans.

Created and written by Olivier Dujols and Juliette Soubrier and directed by Jérôme Salle, Antoine Blossier and Frédéric Jardin, the series is carried by actors at the height of the event, from Niels Schneider in the main role to Lambert Wilson, José Garcia, Ana Girardot or Vera Kolesnikova. We look forward !

Find Totems, from February 18 on Prime Video.

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