Ugreen 145W 25000mAh review: yes, it’s a huge autonomous battery, but it has a little extra

Today, you can charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, drones, headphones, and just about anything with a USB port from a single battery that fits in your pocket. And I may have found the best product for this task.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the Ugreen 145W external battery, and it ticks all the boxes to become one of my favorite devices.

The three takeaways from the Ugreen 145W, 25,000mAh battery

  • The Ugreen autonomous battery with 145W and 25,000mAh capacity costs €120.
  • This is a reliable power bank for charging all types of devices, including laptops.
  • With all this power, the product is not as thin as regular batteries.

I remember that the idea of ​​having a power bank capable of charging a laptop used to be a fantasy. In fact, I remember the difficulties of charging a laptop in the car or on the go. It was possible, but it required a lot of materials…and a lot of patience.

Features of the Ugreen 145W, 25,000mAh battery

  • Battery capacity : 25000mAh

  • Entrance : USB-C1 in PD3.0/PD2.0/FCP/AFC/BC1.2 (Max 65W)

  • Total output : 145W

  • Charging protocols :

    • USB-C1 to PD3.1 / PD3.0 / PD2.0 / QC3.0 / QC2.0 / FCP / AFC / APPLE 5V2.4A / BC1.2
    • USB-C2 to PD3.0 / PD2.0 / QC3.0 / QC2.0 / FCP / AFC / APPLE 5V2.4A / BC1.2
    • USB-A in SCP (10V2.25A) / QC3.0 / QC2.0 / FCP / AFC / APPLE 5V2.4A / BC1.2

  • Screen : LED screen

  • Bidirectional charging : Yes

  • Dimensions : 16 x 8.08 x 2.67 cm

  • Weight : 505g

  • Contents of the box : 25000mAh battery, 100W USB-C to USB-C cable, carrying pouch, user manual

Regular readers of ZDNET certainly know that I’m a big fan of Ugreen hardware.

The Ugreen 145W 25000mAh portable power bank is quite compact

The Ugreen 145W 25000mAh power bank is quite compact. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

This latest 145W product is no exception to the rule. In fact, it’s love at first sight.

First of all, I like its simplicity. The device has three ports.

  • A USB-C port for charging the device at a maximum power of 65W (capable of being fully recharged in 2 hours) and for up to 100W output with the supplied cable
  • Another USB-C port that supports outputs up to 45W
  • A USB-A port that allows outputs up to 18W.

Charge a laptop and two other devices simultaneously

This setup allows you to charge a laptop, such as a MacBook Pro, while simultaneously supporting two other devices requiring lower power.

Impressively, it can fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Air in just 90 minutes, and even after a full charge, the battery still retains enough power to provide an additional 30% charge. For smartphones, it can charge an iPhone 14 up to 5.6 times.

The unit supports a total maximum power of 145W when using both USB-C ports, 118W when using USB-C and USB-A ports together, and 115W when using all three ports are used.

Ugreen 145W 25000mAh battery port. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The little extra: a 200 mA charging mode, ideal for headsets and connected watches

For devices requiring low current, the battery has a 200mA charging mode, ideal for earbuds, smartwatches and fitness trackers. It’s this charger’s best kept secret, and I love it!

Enabling this low power mode is very simple. Just press the button on the power supply three times. To turn it off, you can either wait three and a half hours or press the button three times again. It’s as simple as that.

LED panel on Ugreen 145W 25000mAh portable power bank

LED panel on the Ugreen 145W 25000mAh portable power bank. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The power bank also includes a small LED panel designed with a singular purpose, displaying the battery capacity, avoiding unnecessary complexity. A 100W USB-C to USB-C cable and carrying pouch are included with the battery.

I tested the capacity and power output of this power bank, and they all met the specifications provided, and I subjected it to heavy loads for several hours to ensure that the unit did not overheat while running. of use.

Purchasing advice for the Ugreen 145W battery

As long as portability isn’t on the agenda, this is a superb high-capacity battery. It meets all my expectations in terms of power, capacity and flexibility to charge multiple devices.

The capacity is enough to charge a MacBook at least once, and its flexibility allows for charging low-power devices like headphones and smartwatches.

At 120 euros, the Ugreen 145W at 25000mAh is not cheap. In fact, it is a high-end product, very versatile and a power bank that will be able to charge all your devices, big or small.

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