Uneven skin: These 5 mistakes everyone makes in skin care

Uneven skin?
Everyone makes these 5 mistakes when it comes to facial care

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Are you plagued by deposits, redness and uneven skin? That could be due to these 5 mistakes almost everyone makes in their facial care routine.

The cosmetics industry is a veritable maze. With so many products to choose from, it’s really hard to find the perfect skin care routine. Although every skin is individual, the same 5 defects can always be recognized, which result in uneven skin. Do you do them too?

1. Perfumed products

Perfume and Fragrances have no place in your skin care routine. Our skin tolerates them up to a certain point, but they are by no means good. Because even if the fragrance is natural, as is the case with essential oils, for example, it irritates our skin and this can cause blemishes and redness. In addition, the main component of perfume is alcohol, which also dries out the skin.

2. No sun protection

It’s no longer a secret that UV rays have the greatest impact on visible ones Skin aging to have. Because even when the sun cannot be seen, UVA rays are present 365 days a year. Sun exposure also stimulates our skin to produce more sebum, what Impurities promotes. The best slow-aging and anti-pimple tip is therefore to wear a sufficient amount of sun protection factor every day.

3. Too many active ingredients

When you’re just starting out with facial care, you often make this mistake: you’re using too many ingredients and combining them with one another. But when it comes to facial care, less is more! So if you want to integrate an active ingredient such as vitamin C, niacinamide or retinol into your daily routine, then do it in isolation from other active ingredients and slowly. Your skin always has to get used to the new conditions. Too high a concentration of active ingredients is irritating and can increase the risk of skin cancer. Less is more!

4. You use cleaning cloths

Cleaning your face exclusively with a damp cloth is like dabbing a dirty pan with a paper towel. During the day, dirt, oils and sweat collect on the surface of your skin. Because like dissolves in like, the most effective and gentle way is to treat your face with one every day Oil cleaner to wash. This is applied to dry skin and reliably removes make-up and dirt from your face – without a lot of rubbish. The key to beautiful skin is gentle but intensive cleansing twice a day.

5. Bacteria spinning

We don’t want bacteria on our skin because they promote impurities. Therefore, avoid touching your face with your hands. If you put in your day cream with unwashed hands, bacteria will also spread there, which you will then spread on your face. The pipette of your serum should also be on the skin when you apply it do not touch.

Even after cleansing your face, you should gently rub your face with one fresh Dab the towel or washcloth. At best, you always use a new cloth, but two or three times the same thing won’t kill you. Wash your makeup brushes or sponges regularly, because dirt and bacteria also collect on it.

In the case of acne and other skin diseases, uneven skin naturally has a different origin and you should consult a dermatologist.


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