US and British troops for evacuations in Kabul due to Taliban approach

An estimated quarter of a million people have died in the war in Afghanistan since 2001. Including 2,312 US, 454 British and 59 German soldiers. They should bring peace and democracy to the country. While the Soviets had held out for a decade before their disgraceful withdrawal from the Hindu Kush, the Western powers held out for two decades. Now the Taliban are advancing again. The great Western hopes of construction are in ruins. The US alone cost almost $ 1,000 billion over the 20 years. US President Donald Trump (75) initiated the withdrawal of land. A peace agreement shouldn’t hold up.

20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA that led to the war in Afghanistan, Afghan cities are falling like dominoes into the hands of radical warriors of God. As if all the victims in the West were in vain. Kunduz in the north, the strategically important Herat and Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban, are again under the control of the radical Islamists. Now the Pentagon has sent 3,000 troops to Kabul. Another 4,500 troops are being put into readiness, reports “USA Today”. According to the newspaper, the Taliban are 100 miles from the capital.