VelocityOne Race: a very high-end racing wheel launched by Turtle Beach

Simulation games are popular right nowwhether on computers or home consoles. Electronic Arts will launch for example F1 24 in a few weeks, but starting this week, a reputable manufacturer is coming out its new racing wheel, a very high-end, rather expensive model.

The VelocityOne Race Turtle Beach is available for €699.99a hell of a sum for this PC compatible device and Xbox which includes a steering wheel, but also pedals. The manufacturer promises high-fidelity force feedback thanks to the motor direct-drive K: Drive 7.2 Nm, realistic braking with load cell aluminum pedals Dynamic Break Teka hand-stitched leather steering wheel, paddle shifters Mag-Shift and two additional analog paddles with magnetic effect sensors Lobby. A screen Race Management Display is even onboard to track race telemetry data in real time and a companion application Tuner is there for more customization, especially for button settings.

Cris Keirn, CEO of Turtle Beach Corporationcomments:

The VelocityOne Race puts its competitors in the rearview mirror with its unrivaled racing simulation performance, overall design and build quality. Turtle Beach has once again delivered a gaming simulation accessory that redefines category standards. The VelocityOne Race is packed with the latest technology that Sim Racing enthusiasts and racers will love, all at a very competitive price.

You can find the VelocityOne Race of Turtle Beach against €699.99 on Amazon.

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