Video: Ex-pastry chef DJ Alle Farben bakes nut wedges

Ex-confectioner DJ Alle Farben today demonstrates his baking skills at "I cook something that you don't see" and conjures up delicious nut corners together with our professional chef Kevin von Holt. He's obviously having a lot of fun taking a closer look at Kevin too

Today professional chef Kevin von Holt brought a professional pastry chef into his kitchen – and a pretty famous one! Because before his breakthrough as a DJ with hits like "She Moves (Far Away)" and "Please Tell Rosie", he worked as a pastry chef in a Berlin café for three and a half years. And you notice that too! Because in this episode of "I cook something you don't see" even professional chef Kevin von Holt can learn a lot more – for example, why the DJ job can be combined so well with the pastry job.