VIDEO – Stéphane Guillon embarrassed by images of him naked in the shower

Guest of the show TV kids, Stéphane Guillon came to promote his new show: Stéphane Guillon on stage. He was therefore certainly not expecting to see images of him naked in the shower.

Being invited to the France 2 broadcast, TV kids, it is to take the risk of experiencing some embarrassing moments. And it is not Stéphane Guillon who will say the opposite. Present on Laurent Ruquier’s set to present his new one man show Stéphane Guillon on stage, the comedian found himself forced to watch a short film Eyes the color of time, where he appears naked, from behind, in a shower. The purpose of the sequence? Check out a rumor that the actor has a dimple on his left buttock.

The excerpt having already been broadcast at the start of the program, some columnists had noticed this physical particularity and wanted to confirm their suspicions.. “We are happy that you came, Stéphane”, launches Laurent Ruquier at the end of the sequence. ” Me too…, retorts his guest all in sarcasm. I don’t know when I will be back. »

The sprinkler watered

An embarrassing moment that Stéphane Guillon may not be used to. Indeed, the comedian and columnist is more used to making jokes than to being the subject of them. He does not hesitate to make fun of Emmanuel Macron. On the set of C to you, he stated as follows: “A man who was made to be a cabin model at Hugo Boss and who finds himself President of the Republic, I do not want to overwhelm him. I don’t want to hit him, so that’s it.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: France 2

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