What would a world be like without men? These series imagine it


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Dream or nightmare? What if the Earth was only occupied by women? This chimera is the scriptwriting heart of two series, decrypted on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 by Le Journal du dimanche. Here is a vague idea of ​​what that could be.

This would be a pandemic of a very special kind. Two television programs revolve around the same subject: a planet inhabited by women and depopulated by men, all of whom have died because of a mysterious virus which only affects this sex. Strange similarity, the creators of the two series have agreed on another script: a male survivor reappears on this Earth controlled by “girl power”. Creamery, a New Zealand creation broadcast on the BrutX platform, is a comedy set eight years after the massacre. The so-called popular women are at the head of the world, while those less trendy are lagging behind. They have to wait a long time to win the “restocking lottery”, including access to the sperm bank. When a trio of friends cross paths with a man, capable of revealing to them where their fellow human beings are hiding, their daily lives are turned upside down. And then there is the American proposal Y, the last man, to watch on Disney +. Sunday Newspaper spoke Wednesday, September 29 with the showrunner.

Y, the last man is an adaptation of a successful comic book by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. This work with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere was published in paper version between 2002 and 2008, before Eliza Clark decided to transpose it on screen. The story is that of Yorick, the son of the President of the United States, and her domestic monkey. In this context, they are the last beings in possession of the Y chromosome.

A world of women is not necessarily rosy

This series, which notably highlights a transgender character, has been able to adapt to societal changes and to notions of gender. “In the world of the show, all carriers of the Y chromosome die, and that includes men but also women, non-binary and intersex individuals. The same goes for the survivors. I wanted to get out of binary thinking. It was a very important part of the adaptationEliza Clark proudly explained to the Sunday newspaper. The ten fifty-minute episodes obviously question patriarchy, as well as conservatism, but also know how to be squeaky on the issue of sexism. “Sexism is not dead with men“, can we read on a graffiti of episode 5 as reported by JDD.

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