WhatsApp call with 062 area code: Who is behind this number?


If an unknown number with the area code +62 calls you on WhatsApp, you should definitely be careful. These could be cybercriminals using a nasty scam.

If unknown numbers call you on WhatsApp, you should ignore them. (Source: Microstock 77/nmcandre / depositphotos.com/Montage: Netzwelt)

You can easily stay in touch with your friends or family members via WhatsApp. However, due to a data leak on the internet or participation in a dubious competition, your number can also end up in the hands of strangers who then write to you via messenger or call you. Extreme caution is required here, as it can be a nasty scam like the grandchild trick.

Foreign numbers are currently primarily used for such fraud attempts. Recently, for example, numerous WhatsApp users received calls from India from an 091 number and were contacted by an 060 number from Malaysia. Now the cybercriminals are apparently using numbers from Indonesia with the area code +62.

It is therefore better not to respond to such missed WhatsApp calls. But why do you have to be particularly vigilant when it comes to unknown foreign numbers and how do you protect yourself from telephone terror? We’ll tell you.

This is how the scammers operate

Criminals often hide under such foreign numbers and use a so-called “ping call” method. You will only be rung very briefly. The scammers hope that you will call back quickly out of curiosity. This technique uses both voice calls and video calls to give you the illusion of urgency.

What is particularly insidious about the Indonesian number 062 is that it is very similar to many German area codes. So if you don’t look closely and don’t notice the difference straight away, you could suspect that you are being contacted by a person from Heidelberg with the area code 06221 or Mannheim with the area code 0621.

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