Which member of your family receives the most Christmas presents?


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A very serious study definitively puts an end to the debates within the family as to which one was the most spoiled on Christmas.

Every year you fight with your siblings over who has the most gifts? Do you count the number of gifts near your slippers at the foot of the Christmas tree and count those from the rest of your siblings and have the impression of being less spoiled by your parents? Researchers have decided to carry out a study to put an end to the debates. By interviewing 1,000 people of all ages and from all social backgrounds, mostly parents, on their way of celebrating Christmas with their family, the study was able to answer the question, reports Version Femina. More than 10% say that the youngest was the most spoiled. It is therefore the youngest of the siblings who would receive the most gifts at Christmas. Next would be the eldest child. The youngest, on the other hand, would be the child who would receive the fewest gifts compared to the rest of the siblings.

So of course, more gifts doesn’t mean better gifts. But you can discuss this new information with your siblings.

What budget for children at Christmas?

Despite everything, parents do not hesitate to put the budget to meet their children. In September, Junior City and King Jouet conducted a survey to study families’ plans for Christmas gifts. In 2021, parents should spend 131 euros on average per child

The study reveals, however, that the current economic context is likely to affect Christmas tree gifts this year. Indeed, more than half of the French will buy cheaper gifts (56%) or reduce the number of gifts (51%). In particular, the health crisis. Compared to the budget for Christmas before Covid-19, it is down 20%. A budget cut which, we hope, should not spoil the Christmas spirit too much.

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