Writing pilot from "Die Höhle der Löwen": The writing aid in the test

In "Die Höhle der Löwen" the writing pilot convinced the investors. The learning to write method is intended to help children learn to write – we test the learning system.

Learning to write is a long and arduous process that we all go through. The founders Kai Döringer and Hasan Saygili have developed the writing pilot so that children can have more fun learning to write and achieve a great result more easily.

The intelligent and child-friendly learning system brings the right momentum into learning to write thanks to the pre-punched impressions in the study booklet. The pen guides itself as if by itself and the child slowly approaches the characters, experiences quick successes and internalizes the hand movement through repetitions. That supports the young and old students immensely: The Writing pilot is suitable for preschool and elementary school students.

The smart learning booklet immediately convinced the investor Ralf Dümmel of the Vox show "Die Höhle der Löwen": “Which parents do not want their own children to write better and, above all, cleaner? The writing pilot is the salvation, because here you learn to write with fun and games. The writing pilot would have really helped me at the time. Hasan and Kai immediately convinced me with the writing pilot: On the calligraphy, ready, go … ", who would have wished for the typist for his school days.

The writing pilot in the BRIGITTE test

© Susanne Lange / Brigitteonline

We took a closer look at the writing pilot in the editorial office. Our editor Susanne has tested the learning system with her daughter, who has just started school.

"My daughter has been in first grade for a month and is of course still very motivated to learn to write. So she was all the more enthusiastic when I offered her to try the writing pilot. We tested it Booklet for Letters and for numbers. But there are still some For Words and script. The study books each contain a pencil and an eraser. The first few pages deal with repainting dashed lines.

Write pilot in

© Susanne Lange / Brigitteonline

The pages with the indentations follow later, through which it is easier to guide the pen. I think it's a good idea. In this way, the children definitely learn the shapes of the letters more easily because they do not slip and the pen is guided well. In addition, nice little pictures accompany the individual letters in the booklet and with each new letter it is explained again with arrows where to put the pen and in which direction the line is drawn. This does not distinguish the booklet from other preschool booklets, but it definitely loosens it up. In the writing pilot for numbers, my daughter also liked the arithmetic problems in the number range from one to ten best.

The imprints here definitely help not to write the numbers mirror-inverted and also to memorize the spelling well through the many repetitions.

My conclusion: Of the Writing pilot is a successful alternative to the common preschool and exercise books, but could, especially in the case of the letter book, be loosened up with other exercises besides writing. "

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